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Date Deception

Who Is He/She Really?

by Lori Myerson

For those who have been deceived, tricked, or bamboozled by lovers or others who turned out to be the opposite of what you thought … know that you are not alone.

Dani:  “When I met my husband, he was in church singing in the choir, and was the most eligible bachelor in the church.  He had what everyone called “a holy nature,” and I was certain that God had finally smiled on me.  However, two weeks after we “cut the cake” in front of hundreds of well-wishers, I caught him in our bed with one of the choir members, when I came home from work unexpectedly.”                                                                                 

Porshia:  “At work, I was very impressed with a delivery guy who came by regularly.  He was not only good-looking but very polite and affable.  I flirted with him at every opportunity, but he never flirted back.  Then one day out of the blue, he asked me out, and I hopped at the chance.  We went to dinner and afterward he invited me to his place for drinks.  But when he closed the door of his apartment, he suddenly changed into a monster and demanded sex.  When I refused, he beat and choked me and threw me out.  I was beaten so badly that I had to be hospitalized.  Later, when he was arrested, he claimed self-defense.”                                                                    

Norm:  “My best friend was on a first date with a gorgeous woman he’d met online.  We were on a double date and he was very excited as they kissed and danced the night away. However, when we got up to leave, the bartender pulled me to the side and informed me that the woman was really a man, and to warn my friend.  When I whispered in his ear, he went berserk, snatched off “the woman’s” wig and chased her into the street.  My girlfriend had to drive us home because I was laughing too hard to drive.”

Dave:  “For two years, I watched my friend fall in love with one of the most mild-mannered women I’d ever met.  She was a policewoman and was as cool as a cucumber under fire.  He had always been very popular with women before he met her, and the women still chased him even after he became engaged.  However, when she walked up on him at work sitting in the car with an ex-girlfriend two days before the wedding, she pistol-whipped him in front of his co-workers.   Though he was bleeding profusely when the police arrived, he refused to press charges.  To everyone’s shock, he went through with the wedding.”

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