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Do Pretty Girls Have More Fun?
The Poll

by M.K. Allison

Based on all that we see, hear, and feel, beauty is relevant, important, and powerful.  By nature, as a society, we shun the ugly for the pretty…and buy and do all we can to help us be considered as such. The truth is that pretty women may get more attention, but they also have to have more than beauty to sustain the stare.

Therefore, we asked the questions…Will being pretty open doors or pave the way? Are beautiful people loved more?  Do they receive better treatment?  Is there a real advantage to being endowed with the word pretty or beautiful, or does it really matter?

Here are some thoughts from a recent poll on the subject:

  1. Do pretty women and handsome men have more fun? 63% said yes.

   And we quote…

  • “Pretty women and handsome guys may get more attention. But attention is not directly connected to having fun.”

  • “Being beautiful gets you looked at. But how much fun you have, is determined by your personality.  I think men and women who are good-looking, get flirted with more, and being flirted with is fun in itself.”
  1. If a woman is beautiful does she need much more? 42% said no.
  • “Let’s face it. A woman’s beauty can take her a long way and it carries far greater benefits for her than it does for a man who’s handsome.”

  • “If you’re beautiful, you can have no skills, average intelligence and still someone will want to take care of you.”

  • “For anyone who has an IQ is over 25, a woman must have more than great looks. What makes a woman exciting is a combination of her physical assets and her personality.  But I believe for most men, personality carries more weight.”
  1. Are good-looking people more popular? More acceptable?  41% said yes.
  • “Yes, good looking people are stand-outs. They are more catered to and are more recognized.  Let’s face it, people enjoy being around people who look good.”

  • “An unattractive man or woman is not as readily acceptable as their opposite. If Princess Di had been unattractive, no one would read a word about her.”

  • “I think what makes a person more popular or acceptable is the glow of their personality,” not the color of their eyes.”

  • “I believe that beautiful people have the power to enchant and mesmerize. But eventually, it must be connected to something of substance.”
  1. Do beautiful people get treated better? 59% said yes.
  • “They are most apt to get the job over the non-beautiful person, if they can write their name.”

  • “I was in line once and two beautiful girls were standing four people behind my friends and I in a very long line and the security guy who was letting people in called them up and let them in first, because of the way they looked.”

  • “When I want to get served quicker, breakthrough lines, get good seats, I take my prettiest friend along and she opens all the doors.”



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