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Dream Guys In Disguise

by Lisa Laird

Mesmerized – The lights are low, and the music is soft.  And you…you’re dazzling in an outfit that costs almost as much as your son’s tuition last year.  At the moment, you’re sitting across the table from a man who seems like he was catalog-ordered, especially for you, from the Master Matchmaker. This is your third date, and you’re ecstatic that you’re out again with him.  But something’s not right….and you can’t quite put your finger on it-nor do you want to. It’s called “Whack Radar.” It’s that something that warns you that something is out of whack before you get too involved, but we push on anyway.

The Nuptials

Samantha met her “dream guy” on a blind date and married him two months later. When they moved into her home, which she’d purchased the year before, she became alarmed when he demanded his name be put on the deed to the home. Three days after the wedding, however, she came home and found her house empty of everything but an old chair that had belonged to her late grandfather. This included her clothes, her dishes and not to mention her new husband.  When she stopped crying and called the police she found out that he was a known burglar with a long record.

The Roommate

Peggy dated a guy from two months whose home she had never visited.  He often spoke affectionately of a roommate named Sam, whom she’d never met, and she was curious and suspicious. One day, after arriving at the conclusion that it was time she made a visit, she broke a serious social rule and decided to drop by his house without calling.  Reluctantly, when he opened the door, she discovered that “Sam” was a nine-foot python that was wrapped casually around the body of her boyfriend.  She broke her foot running back down the stairs and out the door.

Dinner For Two

Kelly met a gorgeous guy in a hotel bar, who claimed to be single and a doctor in town for a month-long medical assignment. She was smitten after they ended up talking all night in the hotel lobby.  For five nights straight she met him for dinner and on the fifth night, she decided to go up to his room.  Once there, he raped and beat her—and then handcuffed her to the bed and stole her car. She was discovered the next morning by the hotel maid and her car was found abandoned two days later across the state line.

Too often, we let people into our lives when they should never have gotten past the front gate.  Unfortunately, too many women tend to be hopeless romantics who hope and pray that each encounter will result in an end to the search.  But we must not give up.

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