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From The Locker Room
Overheard II
  • “I once had a guy tell me that he stopped calling me because I didn’t keep a clean”
  • “My buddy married a woman who hollered at him in public and berated him in front of others like he was her child. On his wedding day, he looked like he was on his way to prison.  The marriage lasted one week.”
  • I went out with a woman the other night who kept calling me by another man’s name. I left the table, paid the waiter, and sent her a note before I left the restaurant.  “Compliments of you know who.”
  • “My ex-girlfriend walked up and slapped my sister, who had accompanied me to a party, without even asking me who she was.”
  • “I don’t like to run into the ex-girlfriend of a guy I’m dating, because I don’t like being checked out or over, or be subjected to her jealous stares.”
  • “It bothers me when a woman demands the truth about another woman and then goes ballistic when she hears it, and it’s not what she wanted to hear. I say don’t ask me if I still love her if you don’t want to hear it!”
  • “I don’t ever want to be told about a sighting of my love with another woman.  If I didn’t see it, I don’t need to know.”
  • “It bugs me when I’m out with a woman and she wants me to identify every woman I speak to…ie, ‘who was that’ or ‘where do you know her from.’  It shows serious insecurity, a jealous nature, and is an unintended gesture to get her number misplaced.”
  • “I hate to ask someone for my money back when they borrow from me. The repaying of the debt should be voluntary, and I especially hate it when it’s someone I’m dating.”
  • “I’ve learned that men adore women who snore unashamedly, are comfortable in high heels, walk in front of them, and end the conversation first.”



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