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Most Embarrassing

Moments Last Year…

  • “On a first date, I removed my glasses for vanity purposes, knowing I couldn’t see two feet in front of me without them, and I ended up getting in the wrong car, with the wrong man, when my date pulled up to retrieve me in front of the restaurant we had gone to for dinner. The stranger’s car happened to be the same color as my date.”


  • “My three year old son wandered into the room where I was entertaining a “new love”, wearing one of my wigs. Ironically, the guy had just said that he didn’t like women who wore wigs, and I had just finished saying, I didn’t wear them.”


  • “Angry at my fiancee one night, because I saw him entering a popular club with a very attractive woman, I followed him inside and accosted him loudly about him being a no good cheating dog! But it turned out to be his boss, who was from out of town.”


  • “One night after suspecting my girlfriend was seeing another man, I followed what I thought was her car for twenty five miles outside the city limits and ended up being arrested for stalking a woman I’d never seen before. I’m a policeman, and I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t talk when the police pulled me over.”


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