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Single Sketches
“It Peeves Me When …”

Sherilyn – “I don’t like to meet ex-wives or ex-girlfriends of a guy I’m seeing, because I don’t want to find out that she’s beautiful and spend my days and nights wondering if he still loves her.”

Howard – “It bothers me when a woman demands the truth about whether or not you’re seeing another woman, and then goes ballistic when you tell her yes.”

Jaclyn – “I don’t ever want to be told about a sighting of my man with some strange woman. ‘Well-meaning’ friends can be dangerous people!”

Lorie – “I can’t stand getting stuck talking to someone who gives you in-depth details about their lives, and never asks  what’s going on in your life.”

Colin – “I hate it when a guy ends the relationship and has the audacity to say, “I hope we can be friends.”

Greg – “When a woman invites her lonely girlfriend along on a date, and you’re not informed until she shows up.”

Larry – “When I’m out with a woman and she wants me to identify every woman I speak to or interact with …ie, “who was that” or “where do you know her from.”

Tamarie: – “I hate it when I’m out on a date with a guy and he has the manners of a bumpkin.  He walks ahead of me, gets on the elevator first and there is no opening of doors or holding them open.”

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