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Single Sketches
  • “I love a woman who is meticulous about taking care of herself, because if we hook up, I know she’ll take care of me.”
  • “I think it’s common for anyone to feel clumsy and very unattractive after being told by someone you admire that they like you, but not romantically…especially after sleeping with them.”
  • I went out with a woman the other night who kept calling me by another guy’s name. I left the table, paid the waiter, and sent her a note before I left the restaurant.  “Compliments of you know who.”
  • “My ex-girlfriend walked up and slapped my sister, who had accompanied me to a party, without ever asking me who she was.”
  • “I hate it when a woman demands the truth about another woman, and then goes ballistic when she hears it, and it’s not what she wanted to hear. I say don’t ask me if I still love her, if you don’t want to hear it!”
  • “It bugs me when I’m out with a woman and she wants me to identify every woman I speak to…ie, ‘who was that’ or ‘where do you know her from.’  It shows serious insecurity, a jealous nature, and is an sure way to get her number blocked.”
  • “I hate to ask someone for my money back, when they borrow from me. The repaying of the debt should be voluntary, and I especially hate it when it’s someone I’m dating.”

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