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Single Scenarios
The Dating Experience

Ivan:  “I’ve found that a person either likes you or they don’t.   I have purchased gifts for women in high volume in desperate times to help sway feelings my way that weren’t there in the first place.  It finally hit home, when a schoolteacher  told me on her doorstep after an expensive evening out, that we could only be friends, because “you try too hard to be liked, and I want a guy who is certain of his likeability.”

Tonia: “I stopped accepting unacceptable behavior from the opposite sex and now express my true self.  I speak up where I didn’t before.  Show my disagreement when I should…say no when I want to, and yes by mood only.  Now, I’m treated like a princess”                                                                                                                                                    Brie: “Last year, my “honey man” of three years, broke up with me to be with another woman, after promising we would marry.  I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out what this woman had that I didn’t, or what she gave him that I couldn’t.  And just when I thought I had figured it out (she was taller, more educated and prettier with a body to match) he left her for someone who was an ex-felon, shorter and much thinner. ”                                     Clarissa: “I am currently involved with a guy, who is involved with someone else.  It bothers me greatly, but deep down, I keep hoping that one day I’ll win out.  After all, he is single and as long as he doesn’t marry her, there’s reason to hope and compete.”

Denashia: “After chasing a beautiful woman for months, we finally went out.  After the date, I realized that she wasn’t my style, so I didn’t call again.  When she called me, I didn’t answer her calls.  Finally one night, I ran into her at a party and she begged me to tell her why I had changed toward her. When I told her that was just no chemistry between us, she went outside and smashed the windshield on my car.”

Ava: “I went on a first date with a guy who rubbed my knee under the table all during dinner. I didn’t move my leg or resist the act because I was afraid he would be offended, even though I was very uncomfortable.  Later, when we got to my door, he became angry when I wouldn’t let him come in and claimed that I led him to believe that I wanted him.”

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