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Single Sketches
To Date Or
Not To Date…

by Lisa Laird

At a party recently, I took a random poll by asking this question. After you meet someone who appears interesting, how do you test for the potential pursuit of a relationship?


  • “I look for the ‘eagerness factor.’ If she’s too eager, she’ll want to hurry the relationship along at her pace.”
  • “I start out in an inexpensive restaurant to see how comfortable she acts. The next time, I ask her to suggest an evening of what she likes to do.  If it’s moderately priced, I’ll know immediately that’s she’s either extremely sensitive to my pocket based on the previous example or very smart.  After that, she can write her own ticket.”
  • “Her conversation or what she talks about is an important factor in determining if she would be interesting company when the hormones lie dormant.”
  • “What she wears when we go out. I look for how she plays her feminine factor without all of her assets being exposed.  She should dress for me, not the public.”


  • “How often he calls. I pay close attention to the attention I receive initially.”
  • “If he’s tied to his work. I know he’ll never be tied to me.”
  • “What kind of messages does he leave on my voice mail. I listen for a  sense of humor or trite dialogue.”
  • “How he responds when I call and he’s on another line or he gets a call and he’s talking to me. His telephone etiquette says a lot about his level of interest and sensitivity.  If he hangs up on another call, when I call, I’m impressed.”
  • “If he invites himself over or invites me over before asking me out on a date. I know immediately that he has to be trained.”

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