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From The Locker Room

Relationship Deal Breakers`

  • “I’ve got a serious problem with women who wear their hair shaved in the back of their heads.  It’s not in the least bit feminine and I know of few men who want to look at women who look like men.  Most guys I know are attracted to women who look like women.  To me, a woman’s hair is a great part of her sex appeal.”
  • “Women who are so anxious and hungry for an encounter with the opposite sex to be the “real thing” that they take every tiny expression of “I like you” or “I’m interested” as a signal to pounce with intensity to get what they want, two seconds after the introduction.
  • “Women who become hostile or display certain attitudes when after two weeks of dating, I don’t do what they think I should.  I find too many women have a chip on their shoulders regarding what keeps them in a defensive position and us on the offensive.  I don’t appreciate being pushed in a relationship, and most men don’t.”
  • “I avoid a woman with poor manners.  I don’t care how fine a woman is-I’m immediately turned off if she has a demanding air and does not know how to be gracious.”
  • “I can’t stand to see a man with an earring in each ear.  It is such a feminine look.  I don’t understand how a man could consider himself a man and wear earrings like he’s a girl.  Real men wear only one earring and it’s a stud if they wear one at all.”
  • “I hate it when a man asks me if I have children as if he’s asking about my medical history.    I have been dating about five years now, since my divorce and every man I meet seems only interested in a casual or temporary fling because I have children.  I know several women who didn’t mention their kids until after the “magic dust” had settled.  Their fear of being alone fogs up their minds.  I’ll never forego my kids for a man’s attention and I feel sorry for women who do.”

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