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Single Sketches
Musings …

Mari: “I stopped seeing him after he invited me to sleep with him, and his friend on our second date.”

Tashia: “I’m divorced right now because my best friend betrayed me by telling my husband all the secrets I told her about our marriage. Now she’s dating him.”

Cindy: “I met my husband when he came to sell me some renters insurance. Six months later, he was the man of the house, and we were buying home insurance.”

Terry: “I don’t go out ”guy-shopping” with my girlfriends anymore, because I get far more attention when I go alone.’

Kheri: “When I go to a party, I walk around and pretend to be looking for someone to ensure being seen.  Invariably, I get stopped by a guy who wants to know if I need help.  But I only stop and engage him if he looks interesting.  If he doesn’t sound interesting, I keep looking for my imaginary girlfriend.”

Bonnie: “To me, a man’s tie speaks loudly of his taste, and his judgment.”

Kirk:: “She told me not to bother to call her anymore if I couldn’t help her with her financial obligations. She said she couldn’t afford a house, a car and a boyfriend.”

Val: “When my divorce became final, I invited my attorney to join me for a celebratory toast at a nearby restaurant/bar. Over drinks, we laughed and chatted, and I suddenly saw him in a new attractive light.  Then the check came, and he calculated it down to a penny and put his half on the table without looking at me, which succeeded in totally wiping out his ‘sudden’ appeal.”

Melanie: “After getting up enough nerve to ask a gorgeous co-worker out, he completely took charge and took me out to a wonderful restaurant. At the end of night, he thanked me for taking the initiative because he’d been admiring me for a long time and thought that I wouldn’t go out with him because I was his boss.”

Marcus: “I don’t tell my friends nothing I can’t stand to have repeated. I’ve learned the hard way that the best secret keeper is God!”

Gia: “I’ve been married six times and divorced six times.”

Sidona: “I went to Vegas alone for a week after a girlfriend flaked at the last minute. I met a guy on the plane, and we hooked up and at the end of the week, we ended up getting married in Vegas.  It’s been a year and we’re still together.”

Mandy: “I was a size 18 when I walked up to a good looking guy at a party on a dare, and asked for his phone number. When he looked me up and down and told me he didn’t have a phone, I stopped eating for a week.”

Don: “I was enjoying a first date with a beautiful woman, until she corrected a word I mispronounced, which changed the whole course of the evening.  I couldn’t wait for the date to end.”

Ken: “I was about to marry a woman who made more money than me, until she asked me to sign a pre-nup the day before the wedding. I left her and her money behind.”

Bridgette: “If I encounter a woman who claims not to trust anybody, I don’t care how she looks, I keep moving in the opposite direction.”

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