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 The Most Exciting

Thing You’ve

Done This Year?

Hank: “I took skiing lessons and got engaged to my instructor two weeks later.”

Maria: “I got off drugs, turned my life around, and began spending my spare time getting high off teaching senior citizens, who had never learned to read.”

Shari: “I got engaged to a guy who had broken my heart when I was a freshman in college years ago.  I had never stopped loving him, and when he came back into my life, I was thrilled.  His re-appearance coincided with a severe bout of loneliness and I was easily taken in.  But when I saw that he was not sincere, and still the boy he used to be, I dropped him.  I was so proud of myself because I had never exhibited that kind of strength before.”

Brittany: “Finally, I got up enough nerve to ask my boss out to dinner, after being too petrified to approach him, and he accepted.  It was the most wonderful evening I’ve spent with a man in a long time  I even picked him up and dropped him back home.  At his door, he didn’t say anything about doing it again.  He just thanked me for a lovely evening.  Driving home, I felt a mixture of stupid and wonderful, because I couldn’t read what he felt.  But when he asked me the next day, if I wanted to do it again, I was wiped out!”

CC: “I forgave someone after five years, and I felt a burden lifted that made me feel lighter.  My best friend had married my ex-husband six months after I divorced him, and for a long time, I hated them both. But I was hurt more by what she did than I was by what he did.  I finally felt free when I forgave them both.”

Janine: “I won $50,000 in Las Vegas, and I bought a motorized wheelchair for a little girl with multiple sclerosis in my neighborhood, whose parents couldn’t afford one.”

Yolani: “After a horrible New Year’s Eve, I vowed to never spend another holiday alone, and on Valentine’s Day, I went to Vegas alone to get lost in the crowd and met the man of my dreams on the elevator at the hotel where I was staying. We got engaged three weeks later.”


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