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From The Locker Room

Recent Lessons

“I have come to the conclusion that:  “If it’s a real secret, Don’t tell a soul.  No one can keep your secrets better than you.  I had two “friends” betray me after they promised not to “breathe a word.”

“Find something you can enjoy alone.  It stops you from depending on others when you feel like having a great time.  Fun should not be contingent on other people.”

“I’m not dating anyone right now, but I plan something fun to do every Friday and Saturday to enjoy.”

“I don’t go to any more parties with a bunch of my girlfriends.  I used to attend parties with at least two friends and sometimes meet up with more friends upon arriving.   Then we’d all sit together and the torture would begin.  The guy would come over and ask someone to dance and it became a process of elimination.  If I were one of the last to be chosen, I would feel inferior all evening about my appearance.  No wonder a woman feels in competition with other women.  Men make us feel that way.  A sensitive guy would wait until the girl of his choice leaves the table and then ask her to dance.”

“I go after what I want from now on and am no longer waiting on my prince to ride up and swish me away.  If I see a man I like, I do the choosing…but in a subtle way.  Women must become more assertive in the match game, and I’m having a ball.”

 “If I can’t capture a man’s heart, I’m not settling anymore for sex.  It is an incredible challenge to find a suitable mate, and we all face this challenge in different ways.  Some of us get tired of the search and opt for whatever appears available.  Others stay active in the “game” and catch as catch can.  We hang tough with “shells” of what we’re looking for and work off our disappointments at work.  For most of my friends, temporary encounters and floods of tears are common.  Many are discouraged and are lowering their social requirements for a mate.  Shortcomings are too often corrected through fantasizing.  I have been guilty of this, but I finally learned my lesson.  For me, sex is no longer a part of the dating game.  I’m saving myself for marriage and love.”

“A man cannot expect that the woman in his life is going to keep what goes on between them to herself.  Therefore, I will never confide anything to a woman that I don’t want her girlfriends to know.  Last year, after breaking up with a longtime girlfriend, I learned from one of her friends that I had been divorced four times, and my ex-girlfriend was the only person I had ever told.”

“The next time a man tells me, he is “seeing” someone, I will go the other way.  I will no longer try, to outdo, out-sex and out-think another woman to land a man.  It doesn’t work.  It seldom happens and most of all, the man doesn’t respect you for participating.  I’ve learned the hard way that he respects you more when you refuse to join in the madness.”

“I learned that you can only put your trust in God, and not people.  Last year, my fiancée stood me up at the altar after we’d been involved for four years.  I later learned that she had left town the night before with a man she’d only known for a few months.  She had told me she was pregnant with my child.  I wonder what she told him.”


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