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Single Sketches – Episodes


  • Thea: “I broke it off with him after an incident occurred where he didn’t act on my behalf in a protective way.  We were shopping together in a department store, and the sales clerk (male) was very rude to me when I asked him a question about some discounted items.  An argument ensued, and all my boyfriend did was stand there in silence.  When I later confronted him about it, he told me that he made a practice not to get involved in other people’s arguments. For me, he quickly assumed wimp status!”


  • Nate: “I was so bored with the relationship and I just didn’t want to be with her anymore, but I couldn’t tell her that. So I told her I was depressed about some conflict on my job and  I just wanted to be alone for a while.”


  • Brionna: “I think it’s so sexy when a man insists on ordering for me in a restaurant. A man’s sex appeal is greatly enhanced by his ability to take charge whenever the opportunity presents itself. A guy with real swag doesn’t need a pretty face.”


  • Julia: “During the course of the evening on my first date with a guy of great potential, he left the table twice in the restaurant to take a “business call” that sounded like a female demanding something on the other end. When he left the second time, I knew I had to do something to convey my irritation. I remembered I had a small bottle of Krazy glue in my purse that belonged to my seven-year-old son.  I sat it in his seat so he would see it upon his return.  When he saw it, he picked it up and inquired where it came from.  When I stated jokingly that I placed it there in an attempt to glue him to his seat, he informed me that he didn’t like practical jokes or people who played them.  I got up and left when his phone rang again and he got up to answer it.”


  • Caleb:  “I liked her for a while because she didn’t mind sharing me with other women, but our paths finally split because she didn’t want to share her money. She didn’t think a woman should ever have to pick up a tab for joint entertaining.”


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