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Single Sketches

A Random Poll:

You Know You’re With The Wrong Person When…


  • “He’s always too busy to make plans to be with me.”
  • “He admires other women openly.”
  • “He doesn’t respond well to affection, and I’m affectionate.”
  • “He’s more obsessed with ambition than being with me.”
  • “We never do anything romantic, and I’m a romantic.”
  • “I don’t feel cherished or valued.”
  • “I don’t feel desired as a person. I feel more like a sex object.”
  • “He says, he’ll always love his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife.”
  • “He hangs up on me to talk to someone else.”
  • “He has no respect for my opinion, ideas, or thoughts.”
  • He is not supportive of me and my program.”
  • “She makes excuses more than once not to see me.”
  • “Everyone knows her name and she’s not a star.”
  • “She insists I do all the spending in the relationship.”
  • “She questions me too often about other women. This usually indicates she’s very insecure and could end up being a paranoid pain.”
  • “She requires a lot of attention.”
  • “She always has a problem where she needs financial assistance.”
  • “She’s still dating an ex-boyfriend ‘because he has problems letting go.”
  • “She snoops, investigates, and is highly suspicious.”
  • “She has a lot of girlfriends who she talks to regularly. This means they will know everything that occurs between us.”


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