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How To Be The Perfect Guest

by Sierra Silverspoon

OK. So…you’ve been invited to THE PARTY up in the Hills at the fabulous home of Mr/Ms. Popular For The Very Moment, which you know will be well attended by all the “beautiful people.” What to wear is one thing, (you’ll figure that out)… how to comport yourself is another. Take heed to the following tips which will help you make a spectacular entrance and a memorable exit!

Always take a gift:  Take your host a gift whenever you’re invited to even the smallest party which involves food.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just something that says “thanks for inviting me. ”  You’ll be appreciated, remembered and you’ll add a touch of class to your presence.  Gift Suggestions:  A bottle of wine….a box of exquisite candy…fresh baked bread or cookies…a large watermelon (depending on the season) a crock of cheese…a bouquet of flowers.  Special Note:  Never take a cheap bottle of wine or champagne to someone’s home.

Be aware of how long you stay at the party… This time allotment says a lot about you and what else you’ve got going on in your life.  When you’re at a party, you should never be the last one to leave unless you’ve fallen in love with the host or someone associated with the host or are at a friend’s home who wants you to stay to help clean up or gossip about the evening. Here’s how long you should stay at a party according to The Empress of Etiquette, Amy Vanderbilt.   Cocktail Party/ReceptionOne-hour Dinner Party – 1/2 hour to an hour after dinner, depending on the relationship with the host or hostess. Special Party – 2 hours max.

Prepare to go solo:  NEVER assume if you receive an invitation of any kind that does not specify you and a guest, weddings or otherwise, that you may automatically bring one or more guests.  PHONE FIRST to be sure.  To ignore this social grace is rude, and an imposition to your host.   It also gives you an unfavorable image and lessens your chance of being invited again.

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