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Inside A Relationship:

5 Things To Never Do…

by Cheryl Lakes

Never give away anything you don’t really want the other person to have.
That goes for everything from your favorite tennis racket to the quiet time you like to spend alone.  When you give up things because you think the other person wants you to – you will one day feel very resentful and you will drive the other person away with recriminations about how much you’ve done for them.

Never ask a question that you can’t stand a truthful answer to.
”Do you love me?”  Are you seeing someone else?”  Questions like these generally do nothing more than validate one’s own sense of insecurity.  You probably already know the answer anyway – if you really think about it.  The way your partner treats you makes a lot of questions irrelevant.  A basic rule to follow is not to ask any questions that you are not prepared to hear the answer to or act on.

Never let your partner get away with things you really don’t like.
Relationships should be built on some type of equality and, if something really bothers you, you need to speak up about it.  Does your partner bite his/her nails, constantly criticize you or try to boss you around.  Tell Them You Don’t Like It.  If something really bothers you that badly, maybe you don’t want to be with that person That badly.  If the thing that bothers you is something that your partner can change, you’ll feel like a real fool when they leave you for someone else and immediately and obviously give up their offending ways.

Never repeat the same mistake you made in past relationships.
By trying these things once, you already know they don’t work.  If they did, you’d probably still be in that old relationship.  Realize they will never work and release them.

Never try to Push anyone to get married.
This is one of those topics that encourages an opposing reaction.  Nobody wants to be Pushed into a lifelong commitment.  When people want to get married, they usually give off signals that culminate into a Real proposal.  No matter how desperately You want to tie the knot – patience is the key.

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