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Inside The Sisterhood –

The Bond We Share

by Sierra Silverspoon

Some years ago, my best friend taught me a valuable lesson. I was so infatuated with a guy and spent most of my time with him. While we were dating, my calls to her were infrequent, as well as my visits. Then the storm came. We broke up.  He had my stuff and I needed to get it back. I just didn’t want to go alone to his home. Being the good friend she was, she jumped in my car prepared to do battle. After it was over, she turned to me and said: “Next time, remember that after the guy is gone, your sister will still be here.”  I never forgot that.

The lives of women are diverse and complicated. There are times when no one understands what you are going through but another woman. This woman could be your mother, big sister, cousin, aunt, co-worker, or girlfriend. We lean on these women when the tears in our throat become too thick to swallow.

There is an undeniable bond in sisterhood.

It is sad when you hear sisters who say they don’t have any female friends. When one hears this, you ponder “what kind of sister are they to other sisters?” After all, you often attract what you mirror. If you hear someone say this, you wonder about the first sisters that were in their lives. What are the bruises they encountered? At the heart of that statement is the fear of their own kind and of themselves. When you hear this statement, instead of running, you should look at it as an opportunity to show the sister something different, but only if they are open to experiencing another reality.

The Secrets Sisters Share…

  • We would never tell a man how many lovers we’ve had, but our best friends know.
  • There are a few details of our relationships with men that our closest friend doesn’t know.  We need their input to help us understand men better.
  • When we’re in a relationship with a guy, we’re usually testing and analyzing everything he says and does.  It’s a sport to us, and often we solicit the analyzing skills of our friends, who can usually see better through objectivity.
  • Only our best friend knows how many times we’ve cried over a man, and how we’ve mastered the art of “putting on a good face” for you.

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