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Living Well?

Here Are 5 Ways To Tell…

by Connie Borglow

If you were to conduct an inventory of your life today, what would it reveal?   Think about this…Whether you have it together depends mostly on these five factors.

Who You Love – The Bible cautions us to “guard our hearts,” and with good reason.  Romantic relationships are the core of our being.  Who we decide to love can affect everything from our self image, to inner peace, to work productivity… to health.  The qualities we seek in a mate should be no different than those we desire in a friend.  Though we can’t always completely govern who we end up “falling for” being prudent in whom we choose to allow in our association and in our life’s arena gives us a more quality pool to choose from.  Take your time, look hard before you leap.

How Much You Owe – Few folks realize that debt impacts your quality of life like nothing else.  It’s almost impossible to flourish in other areas of life if you’re mired down in excessive debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, juggling finances, dodging bill collectors, remaining in a job you hate, and stressing out!  I know, because I’ve been there…and vow never to go back.  Thomas Fuller summed it up best when he stated that debt is the worse poverty.  Smart spending requires goal setting, discipline and a disregard for “keeping up with the Joneses”.  If you’re in over your head, consider contacting the Consumer Credit Counseling Agency in your area or a reputable financial advisor to assist you in making informed decisions.  Many churches and not for profit agencies offer debt management counseling as well.

What You Eat – It’s true. In essence you are what you eat.  In my unenlightened days I devoured whatever I wanted… whenever I wanted.  I foolishly believed that because I was not suffering from obesity that I was healthy.  However, good health is determined by much more than pounds and body mass index.  I couldn’t run for the bus in the morning without heavy panting, suffered often from migraines, and experienced other ailments that I have since learned was the result of poor food choices.  Improper food consumption is linked to everything from clogged arteries, to colon disorders…to obesity.

Where You Live— Much more than bricks and mortar, where you reside should be your sanctuary.  Your castle.  I was blessed some years ago to purchase a home in an area I love.   It’s abundant in local conveniences and aesthetically pleasing.  Though many things have changed in my life over the last decade, my residence has been a comforting constant.  Give where you choose to stay as much emphasis as your life’s vocation.   If you’re in the process of looking for an apartment, condo or home, ask friends and relatives for input and check out rental guides in your area.

How You Spend Your Time— Does the thought of reporting to work each day fill you with anxiety or joy?  If you’re like millions of Americans, you probably spend your time toiling at a job that leaves you frazzled and unfulfilled at day’s end.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  What ignites your soul?  What line of work are you best suited for?  If you don’t know the answers to these crucial questions, take a career assessment survey or consult a career counselor.  And join the ranks of those of us so tremendously blessed we can’t wait to start each day! 

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