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“Best Time Ever On A Date.”

February 19, 2018

Charron – “A group of couples joined my boyfriend and I when we rented a cabin for a weekend in the country, where there was a fireplace and plenty of snow.  We played in the snow, told stories, played games, danced and listened to great music.  I haven’t had that much fun since I was a teenager.”

Celeste  – “My longtime boyfriend and I got into a heated argument in a restaurant, and I was so angry, I was on the verge of tears.  We rode home in total silence and when we got to my door, I jumped out of his car in such haste I forgot my purse.  As I hurried angrily towards my door, I suddenly felt a snowball whiz past my head.  I turned and fell out in laughter, as he stood by his car with my purse in one hand and a giant snowball in the other.  We threw snowballs at each other until we were exhausted.  He proposed that night as we sat on the steps all covered in snow.”


Caryn – “My boyfriend and I went tobogganing and sledding up in Michigan.”


Jan – “I went horseback riding and sleigh riding in the snow on a first date.”


Vicki – “The Sunday I finally convinced my boyfriend to come to church and we stood singing hymns together, and holding hands.”


Carlise – “When my boyfriend proposed to me over a microphone in front of hundreds of people at a party following my college graduation.”


Beth – “One night last winter with snow everywhere, my boyfriend stopped after dinner and bought a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses. He said he wanted to do something adventurous.  We ended up going to a park and building a snowman, as we sipped champagne.  I didn’t even feel the cold.  It was a memory I’ll always cherish.”


Chloe:  “My sweetie and I chasing each other across a field after picking apples in an orchard last summer out in the country was absolutely the best time I’ve ever had on a date.”


Mandy – “When I experienced the pleasure of enjoying a symphony under the stars with my boyfriend on a warm summer night sitting on a blanket at an outdoor concert.”


Candy – “When I went wading in the ocean at night in the Caribbean with the love of my life, and we sat on the beach all night talking until the sun came up.”


What about you?  What’s the best time you’ve ever had?

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