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Dream Guys Talk
About Their
Dream Girl Search

by Jake Stoner

I know it’s hard to imagine that the handsome well-dressed guy walking in front of you like he owns the world, could consciously be dreading another evening at home alone.  Because of his looks and appearance, you’re speculating on how many women he must have and how engulfed he is in all life has to offer.  You assume he’s satisfied, because of what he outwardly possesses, but little do you know that it is highly possible that he:

  1. does not see himself as you do.
  2. is having a hard time meeting the “right” woman.
  3. is unattached and looking.
  4. sits home most evenings alone dreaming of his ideal woman.

It’s a common myth among women that good-looking guys have no reason to be alone.  With women outnumbering men 3 to 1, it is understood that men have the advantage, but many times, there are those who are daydreaming as they pass you in a car.  They are imaging the woman their dreams and silently hoping and praying that she is waiting at the next stop-light.  But what are they looking for?  Are these guys just hard to please or are their wants realistic?   Judge for yourself.    Donald: 36, Police Detective, Divorced- “She must be smart.  I need a woman who’s thinking when I’m not, whose delivery of ideas, critiques, and observations is served to me on a sugar-coated platter.  Of course, she’ll be pretty.  I would never marry a woman my family didn’t like.  Her personality has to be totally compatible with mine.”  Carl: 28, Accountant, Divorced-“She will not have the shopping disease.  A woman who lives to shop is a hazard to any guy unless he’s rich.  She also has to have patience.  Impatient women have a tendency to be overbearing.  She won’t try to change me and if she’s ahead of me in some things, she’ll be willing to wait until I catch up, or push me with a gentle hand.”

Scott: 31, Teacher, Never Married- “She’ll have to be in church and be striking in appearance.  She cannot have a vile tongue and she must be able to get along with others. She will have a high self-esteem level, and the ability to bring out the best in me.”

Frank: 41, Corporate Executive, Divorced “She’ll have good taste in clothes and be well-read.  She will love the outdoors and eating out as I do.  If she doesn’t, we would be asking for failure, because these things are important to me.  She will also be hang-up-free.  I find it hard to come across a woman who doesn’t have some serious hang-up of some kind.  My ideal woman will be fearless and not afraid to try new things.  The little girl quality in a woman is important to me.”  Chuck: 39, Railway Inspector, Never Married- “I want a woman who is unselfish.  She must have a mind of her own and not be dependent on me for pleasure.  Her devotion to me should be apparent to everyone.  I don’t want any man to be able to feel that there is a possibility that my wife could be unfaithful.  She must be a lady, who would never disagree with me in public.  She would understand her place as a woman and allow me to lead.”

Stan:  33 – Fireman – Never Married-“She’ll love children and pets.  She will have a membership at a gym or health club.  A woman who does not exercise regularly gives the impression that she is not interested in maintaining her body.  Her priorities in life will be of substance.  I don’t want a woman with a “schoolgirl” mentality looking for someone to take care of her.”

Richard: 42, Clinic Administrator, Divorced- “The woman I’ll marry will have a personality of sunshine and high ethnic consciousness.  She must have cultural interests.  She won’t wear fake hair, sculptured nails, or excessive makeup.  She’ll be a natural beauty.  She will be my friend and my conscience.  There won’t be anything I can’t share with her.  She will be close to her family.  I am not drawn to women who have poor family relationships.  She will also have an interest in learning new things.  An overall excitement for life will be evident.  I will be convinced that she is loyal and trustworthy before I say I do.”  Terry: 44, Personnel Director, Divorced- “The woman I marry will be between 25 and 37 because I find these women are far less uninhibited than women my age.  I won’t marry a woman who has role standards that she swears by.  A man does this and a woman does that.  She will be pretty and in good shape physically.  She will not have mood swings that keep me at bay.”

Nathan: 37, Franchise Owner, Never Married- “She will fit in anywhere she goes and have total respect for my opinion.  When I marry, I will be thoroughly convinced that the love is equal and we are both interested in being the same thing to one another.  She will not listen to her girlfriends.”

Bill: 50, Sales Representative, Divorced- She will be flexible, kind-hearted, and have a great opinion of herself.  I have met so many women who have serious self-esteem problems that it’s scary.  My choice will be a woman who will not take my flack, but who will have a good sense of humor, timing, and brain to match.”  Rob: 47, Physician, Divorced- “She will be fun-loving, adventurous, easygoing, and hurdle-oriented.  Life is full of hurdles and I stay away from women who want to get married to have an easier life.  I want a full-fledged partner with a realistic view of the challenges of combining two personalities under the same roof.  I like a woman who takes care of her body and who looks after me.  Other men will envy me because she’ll be a class act.  Her inner beauty will be just as important as her outer beauty.  She will be a showpiece wherever we go.  She won’t be manipulative or jaded by past experiences.  She will trust me and only me and be game to explore life to its fullest with me.”

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