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Mind Over Matter
The Story Of A
Breast Cancer Survivor

In recognition of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Being Single decided to feature the story of Pamela Rashid and her incredible journey of fortitude, faith, and triumph as she battled and survived breast cancer over ten years ago.  She was 54 and single with no family history of breast cancer.

Pamela, a former marketing professional, who resides in Chicago, was diagnosed with breast cancer after going in for a routine mammogram exam.  

BS: When you went in for your annual mammogram, were you experiencing any symptoms?

Pamela: I had no symptoms. No lumps. No knowledge of anything.  I felt great! I just went in for my annual mammogram exam.  Therefore, I was shocked when the doctor informed me that they discovered from a radiology perspective that I had white specs viewed as cancer cells in my right breast.  The diagnosis was Carcinoma In-situ.

BS: Can you describe how your emotional state when you first heard the diagnosis and subsequently thereof.

Pamela: I was stunned initially, but I came to realize that it was something I couldn’t change. Therefore, I continued to live my life.  I try not to worry ahead of the worry. I decided to roll with the flow until I fully understood what was happening to me. I never stopped working.  I never told anyone but my manager.  My usual attitude is I know God has me on whatever journey I’m supposed to be on. I see myself as traveling the road that God has set before me, and I look for the lesson to be learned or the message for me to teach before I panic.

BS:  What was the diagnostic solution and what was your recovery like?

Pamela:  The original plan was to perform a lumpectomy, but after further diagnosis, though my cancer was in Stage 0, it ended up being a single mastectomy. It took six weeks to recover, but at no time during that period did I experience any pain.

BS:  What advice would you give to women regarding breast cancer awareness health. 

Pamela:  Be sure to get an annual mammogram, do self-examinations, and don’t use any deodorant with the ingredient aluminum.

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