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More Than Pretty…
The One Thing
Men Can’t Resist

by Gloria Gibson

My friend Susan could be initially viewed as average looking by some if measured by today’s standards of beauty.   However, it seems she is always in the company of a male admirer, while her pretty counterparts are alone and bewildered by her popularity.  She has confidence to spare and men find her confidence irresistible and rush to be in her presence.  What’s her secret?  Well, it’s not really a secret.  She just believes that she is beautiful, smart, and worthy to be cherished, which is evident in her attitude and her spirit.

Serena Williams has proven time and time again that real beauty begins in your mind and projects through your outer. If you’re not currently excited about who you are, how you feel, or how you look, I’ve got great news for you.  Your picture of yourself can change in a blink of an eye if you set your mind to rise above your current status and the way you see yourself.

If you’re stuck in a place, where you cannot imagine twirling in front of a mirror in full appreciation of your reflection in the glass, then you need to know this.  If you put your mind to it, you can look as good as you want to look, and feel as good as you want to feel.  All you have to do is believe that it’s possible and work towards the goal of inserting change in your life (mentally, physically, and emotionally) for the better.

Our self-image is very much tied to how we think we look, and how we think we look has a great deal to do with how w relate to the world.  There’s nothing wrong with this fact as long as it doesn’t damage our sense of self-esteem, but a woman must always understand that she is only limited by her own vision for herself.  A woman is never too old or too young to reverse herself in any way she deems necessary.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of women out there who lack self-confidence and fail daily to understand the magnetism of the woman who has it.  Needless to say, confidence is birthed in the mind.  As the Bible states, “So a man thinketh…so a man is.”

Self-confidence is the most important beauty asset a woman can possess.  Unfortunately, not enough women believe it.  For centuries, men have always been intrigued by self-assured women who were in touch with their power as a woman.  Imagine the allure of a woman who is attractive and self-assured.  The crowd in the room parts for her.

Unfortunately, too few women understand that the real basis for a woman’s beauty has little to do with pretty features and sex appeal.  It has more to do with her being solidly convinced in her mind that she is unique and special, and most of all deserving of the best in her world.

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