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7 Ways To Enjoy
A Wonderful Weekend!

by Jan Pitts 

So…It’s Friday again…or perhaps Saturday night, and you feel sort of blah.  You are not depressed or suffering a severe case of the blues. You just feel recreation listless. You don’t have any real plans for the weekend, and no regular companion or date waiting in the wings to escort you out.  And it has been a while. The circus is in town, but you don’t want to go.  There’s an amusement park just outside the city, but you don’t have anyone who’ll go with you. 

You wish you could afford a vacation, or you wish you had someone to explore the city with… but you don’t.  You’re not looking forward to spending the weekend alone, but what can you do?  Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve done, and ended up having the time of my life.   Visit Model Homes.  You may get some new decorating ideas for your home.

Go Salsa Or Line DancingInvestigate either through Hispanic friends, acquaintances, or a city cultural guide and find a popular club in your area that plays salsa music. This is an adventure that takes a lot of courage.  But if you like Latin music, you’ll have a great time listening to music and learning how to salsa.  In a Latin club, everyone dances and you will easily get pulled to the floor.  Don’t be afraid to go alone.  If you must, pretend like you’re waiting on someone who didn’t show up.  Line Dancing classes and events can be found online in your area.

The Movie Mix:  Sign up with Netflix and have a movie marathon weekend.  Take your time and browse through the movie catalog for your favorite movies and any concert or music videos that you’ve never seen by two of your favorite artists. This is a great way to be entertained in the comfort of your home the entire weekend.

Surf The Slots:  If there’s a casino in your area. Take $50.00 and have a ball playing the slot machines and engaging in your own private world of excitement and intrigue. There is nothing like hitting a $500.00 jackpot with one quarter.   Go Sightseeing – Do something you’ve never done.  Go on a sightseeing bus or boat tour of your city.  You’ll be surprised at the number of things in your city you don’t know about that would prove to be quite interesting.  In Chicago, take the architectural tour on the Chicago River.  In New York, take the ferry to Ellis Island.

Go Treasure Hunting – Spend your Saturday treasure hunting in the many Thrift or Resale shops in your city. You’ll be delighted at what you might find.

The Novel Route:  Explore a bookstore and discover a true means of enjoyment, escape, and relaxation. Look for a good fiction novel and go home and put your feet up. Reading is a sure way to forget you’re alone, as you escape into the wonderful world of storytelling.

Surf The Super Highway: Visit the Internet playground. YouTube and free slot games are my favorites. Be sure to visit some of the “chat” rooms.  You’ll meet some interesting people.

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