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 7 Great Boredom Busters

by Lisa Cregier

The Reminisce Round-Up

Essentials: Your best or favorite music, prepared jerk chicken; favorite island lounge-wear; scented, blue-tinted bathwater; an audiotape of nature sounds; water rushing against the shore accompanied by birds calling, a frosted goblet of Pina Colada, or your favorite tropical drink or wine, a scented candle: and old photo albums.

Go Treasure Hunting

If you’ve never spent a Saturday roaming the thrift shops of your city, you haven’t lived.  Take a friend along and discover unique treasures beyond your imagination at unimaginable prices.

Visit A Bookstore

Go novel hunting and escape for the weekend in the pages of an exciting book.  Browsing a bookstore is a real treat if you enjoy reading.

Rejuvenate Your Home

Clean your entire house, throw away old stuff and discover extraordinary finds under your own roof.  Things you thought were lost, and treasures you didn’t know you had.  Re-arrange your bedroom and spray your clean sheets with rosewater spray.

Indulge Yourself

Make an appointment for a facial, a full body massage, a pedicure, and manicure, and spend the weekend trying on new dresses at your favorite stores, and buy at least one.

See Your City From A Sightseer’s Chair

Take a day and ride a Sightseeing bus.  You’ll discover things about your city that you never knew.  Look in the yellow pages for a city tour that will interest you.

Ride That Bike

You know the one you’ve had, but haven’t ridden in years.  Bike riding is one of life’s exquisite pleasures.  There is nothing like getting out and enjoying the summer weather than a nice bike ride in the park.

Treat Yourself

Go out to your favorite restaurant or order in your favorite meal.    Do a movie-thon with all your favorite movies, with plenty of your favorite snack food on hand.

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