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Your Dating Experience So Far This Year?

The Salem Report

700 singles from across the country answered a questionnaire on their individual dating activity so far this year.  They ranged in age from 21-44.

The Women:

44%    did not go on a romantic date. Best Quote:  “I wanted to go to a annual black tie affair so badly, I asked my brother to escort me.”

23%    did not go out with the same man twice. Best Quote:  “Either he never called again or I didn’t answer my phone.”

28%    fell in love. Best Quote: ”I fell in love with him on the first date when he leaned across the table and wiped spaghetti sauce off my chin.”

23%    went out at least once with someone they met at a wedding reception. Best Quote:   “Weddings are the best parties to meet single men, because they seldom bring a woman along.”

27%    dated younger men. Best Quote:  “They’re easier to train and they have less hang-ups.”

37%    went on at least two unsuccessful blind dates. Best Quote:  “It’s too awkward.  It’s better to stand on the corner and wink at every cute guy who goes by.”

 51%   had at least one lemon date. Best Quote:  “The braggarts are the worst.  They make you want to pay them to never call again.”

29%    asked a guy out, but only 23% had good results. Best Quote.  “I don’t know how men do it.  My ego can’t take rejection.  I’ll never do it again.  I believe men prefer to do the asking.”

31%    went dutch frequently. Best Quote:  “I’m not going to let money stand in the way of a good time.”

21%    ended up dating someone they met while shopping. Best Quote:  “The best places are the men’s store and the coffee section at the supermarket.  If you don’t have a man to shop for, pretend.”

55%    participated in online dating. Best Quote:  “The response was overwhelming.  I even heard from one ex-boyfriend, whom of course, I never answered.”

41%    had success on the Internet. Best Quote:  “After meeting the first guy, I cancelled all the other dates I’d made.”

53%    ended up dating someone they met at work. Best Quote:  ”My boss and I fell in love and I haven’t worked since.”

54%    dated ex-lovers. Best Quote:  “I was desperate when he called.”

9%      dated married men. Best Quote:  “The fantasy is that they will treat you better.  The reality is that they don’t.”

3%      dated the ex-boyfriends of friends. Best Quote:   “I did it and regret it.  I felt sneaky the whole time.”

22%    dated men of means. Best Quote:  “The fairy tale says that these guys are the cream of the crop.  But money is no substitute for class and character.  They are expected to accompany wealth, but they often do not”

17%    stopped seeing a guy and didn’t tell him why.
Best Quote:  “I think it’s pointless to explain why.  No one really wants to hear the truth.  I just can’t tell a brother that his constant bad breath was a turn-off.”

38%    admitted to having unprotected sex.
Best Quote:  “I was real stupid about unprotected sex until I contracted a sexually transmitted disease.”

The Men:

12%     went out on a date with a woman who initiated the date. Best Quote:  “I figured it took a lot of guts for a co-worker to ask me
 out, and I had shown no interest in her.  I couldn’t say no, but I couldn’t wait for the evening to end.”

31%     did not go out with the same woman twice. Best Quote:  “It only takes one date to discover the chemistry.  If it’s not there, there’s no point in wasting any more time.”

21%     fell in love. Best Quote:  “I dated her for four months, and she never complained about anything.  I was enchanted with her self-confidence.”

23%     dated older women. Best Quote.  I enjoy dating women who feel they have nothing to prove.”

28%     went on at least two blind dates.
Best Quote:  “I went out with one woman who was actually blind and it was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.”

38%     had more than one lemon date.
Best Quote:  “I went to the show with a woman who slept through the entire movie.  I couldn’t figure out who had the problem…me or her.”

54%     found it difficult to meet a woman whose personality matched her looks. Best Quote:  “Last year I met too many women whose appeal was lessened by a negative attitude or low self-esteem.”

53%     went dutch frequently. Best Quote:  “I think more and more women understand that a willingness to help pay for the date makes them competitive.”

34%     ended up dating someone they met at the supermarket. Best Quote:  “I’ve met a number of women at the market when the lines were long.”

9%       participated in online dating.  Best Quote:  “It’s a fun way to meet women.  But I found that few of them actually looked like their pictures.”

27%     dated someone they met at work. Best Quote:  “I’ll never do it again.  I felt like I was being watched by the CIA every time my phone rang.”

67%     dated more than one ex-girlfriend. Best Quote:  “Sometimes it’s easier to go with what you know.”

3%       dated married women. Best Quote.  “I learned my lesson.”

49%     stopped seeing a woman and didn’t tell her why. Best Quote:  “Sometimes a silent getaway speaks better than words.”

41%     had unprotected sex. Best Quote:  “A friend died last year from AIDS, and I’ve been using protection ever since.”

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