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His Dream Girl

Where Could She Be?

by Jason Compton

It happened again.  I had grown bored and disillusioned in yet another relationship, and as usual, I had taken the coward’s way out.  Instead of explaining to the woman I’d been dating, that for me the chemistry had petered out, I just became unavailable.  I stopped calling her and I avoided her calls, emails and text messages.  When she finally caught me at work one day and demanded to know what my problem was, I felt like an idiot, as I stammered through a fake explanation.  I told her I had just been busy and unable to find time for socializing.  She slammed the phone down, after she angrily asked the profanity-laced question, “what are you looking for?”   I told her I didn’t know.

 However, I lied.  Because I do know, and my biggest problem has been in relationships that I know going in, but that knowledge usually becomes temporarily clouded by the sex and the newness of the encounter.

I want a woman whose spirit reflects a good attitude and a healthy level of self-esteem.  She has a lot to offer and she knows it.  The good feelings she has about herself are evident, and I feel good when I’m with her.

She’s straightforward with a personality that sparkles in the dim light of adversity, trials, and disappointments.  She reflects no bitterness or disillusionment regardless of her experiences, and the baggage of her past is left at the door of our beginning.  Her affinity to please others is limited, yet she is gracious and warm to all she encounters.

 She is as comfortable in jeans as she is in diamonds, and she doesn’t care what her man does for a living, as long as he’s happy at what he does.  She’s conscious of the current fashion trends, yet she creates her own style.  She is beautiful, but not because of her chiseled features.  Her beauty shines from within while she does all she can to enhance the outer.  She understands that few people welcome criticism and she avoids expressing it.  Her hair is seldom seen in the same style, for she sees herself as a woman of many dimensions.

 She’s serious, yet mischievous…committed, yet adventurous.  She searches beneath the surface for the good points even when the bad ones are on display.  She’s sassy in speech but spiritual in deeds.  She’s open, yet mysterious, and impressed more with one’s heart then one’s surroundings.  People are important to her and they are assured by her touch.  Her actions are not based on what others think, but more on what she feels.  She seeks a man who is comfortable in his environment, yet not limited in his quest for the stars.  Sincerity, sweetness, and understanding influence her daily behavior, while fun, laughter, and unpredictability are indigenous to her soul.

Yes. I know what I want, but I have yet to find her.  But I’m convinced that one day God will bring this woman before me, as the divine selection, and until that time…I struggle to balance myself as I wait.

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