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From The Male Room

by John Andes

I think it would help if women understood that they really don’t have too many clues about what really turns a guy on and what doesn’t.  For example, most women think that sex is the ultimate for us, but few understand that it’s not the end-all. And there’s a lot more they don’t understand.  Here’s some insight.

Ivan:  “While one woman is getting her hair weaved because her man tells her he’s a fan of long hair, he could be busy cuddling up to another woman with short hair, or no hair at all.”

David: “Most men know what they don’t like, but they’re not always certain of what they could like until they see a “package” that appeals to them… sometimes inexplicably.”

Saul:  “When I divorced a couple of years ago,  I realized I’d made a great mistake by marrying the wrong woman.  Before I got married, I was dating two women, and I felt like I loved both of them for different reasons.  I loved one because she was smart and sexy, and the other because she was pretty and independent.  But I ended up marrying the one who I felt loved me more…the smart, sexy one, so I wouldn’t get bored, but it didn’t turn out that way.”

Mike: “After my divorce, I came to realize that I’d gone into the halls of marriage in a confused state, though I felt certain I was making the right decision.  Men are prone to be “feelings” driven, whereas women tend to be more “needs” driven.  One of the reasons why some of us appear fickle is because our “feelings” can be influenced by our moods, sex drive, and the thrill of a new “sex adventure.”

Rick: “Most guys are complex creatures who don’t always understand themselves or why or how they end up in some of the places in life that they end up in–especially when it comes to relationships.  After a very public breakup with a longtime girlfriend, I invited an ex to accompany me on a weeklong cruise I’d paid for already. It turned out to be a huge mistake. I didn’t want to waste a ticket and she misread my intentions. When I failed to return her affection on board, she began spreading vicious lies about me and my sexual prowess on social media.”

Jon: “After ending a horrible marriage, I began looking in all the places I expected my real “soul mate” to be…parties, conferences, bars, etc.  But I didn’t have any luck until my mother invited me to church. The experience far exceeded my expectation.  I met a number of women who were impressive.  They were all pretty, intelligent, and interesting, but I fell in love with the woman who made me laugh. Laughter is so important in a relationship and I think most women don’t know this.”

Tom: “I’m in what I called, ‘the replacement period,’ after breaking up with a temperamental girlfriend.  I’m meeting three or four women a week online but to no avail. Some are pretty, and some are smart, but I’m having a hard time finding someone who has sustained my attention. I’m looking to be mentally stable and reasonable, and I’m having a hard time coming across someone with that quality.”

Chris:  “On the dating scene, I’ve found that women are apt to become attached more quickly than guys, and I believe it’s based on the total opposite ways we view the issue of sex.  ”  After a one-night stand with one woman, she began stalking me after I didn’t follow up with a call.

Mark: “A man can be with one woman for years, and deeply care about her, but knows deep down that he doesn’t love her enough, which often inhibits him from making the ultimate commitment to marry her. “

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