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The 4 Types Of

Women To Avoid

by Jay Baldwin

There are four types of women who are prone to send a guy in another direction romantically due to their personalities. 

Clingy Carol – This type becomes glued to a guy shortly after the onset of the relationship.  When they’re out, he cannot move without her.  She has an obvious fear of him giving too much attention to someone else, and it can be suffocating.  I was out enjoying dinner one night with a beautiful woman I’d met at the train station.  It was our first date and I was enchanted…that is until a former colleague, who happened to be very pretty, passed our table and I stood to greet and hug her. 

When I returned to my seat, my date asked me if she was an ex-girlfriend because she could tell by the way we embraced that we had slept together. WHAT! Her assertion was wrong, but I was so stunned by her remark that I knew I would never see her again.  Her remark let me know that she was the clingy and suspicious type.

Demanding Donna – She’s on the phone regularly wanting to know what her guy is up to…and when will he have time for her? Demanding women are prone to possess unreasonable standards to which they expect their partner to adhere. 

Boring Barbara – This woman is usually pretty but has poor conversational skills and little or no imagination.  One woman I dated for a minute was gorgeous but spent our whole time together talking about her kids, her job, and her past relationships. 

Chatty Cathy – Chatterers usually talk incessantly about things that are of very little interest to other people.  They also end to be poor listeners.  I was on a first date with a beautiful woman who spent the entire evening describing her back surgery and the consequences of her rehab efforts.  I couldn’t get a word in. I never called her again.

These are but a few of the reasons why many men are mistakenly depicted as confused.  When these characteristics are encountered, many guys feel forced to move on in search of a woman who is void of these traits.

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