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A Little Thing Women Should Know…

by Theo McNee

Note To Women: If you’re out on the first date with a guy who plows ahead and orders dinner before you do or sits down before you do…don’t dismiss him as a social misfit who should know better.  Look for other important qualities and discover a way to teach him what he needs to know.

There are many good guys who get rejected because they lack “The Smooth Moves” in a social setting.  It’s important to note that just because a brother holds out your chair when you get ready to sit down, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be kind and affectionate in a relationship.  A smart woman looks for potential in a man’s character and encourages him to be the best he can be, by creative example and subtle direction.  Smooth moves should not come under a good character in the “qualities” column. 

In this area, men are far more tolerant when it comes to a woman’s ignorance of social graces than women are of men.  However, I haven’t always been patient with raw behavior.  I remember once taking a very pretty woman out on a first date to a friend’s birthday party, and she told a nasty joke that bordered on obscene.  I was embarrassed, to say the least, and I never called her again.  Later, I regretted it, when I spotted her out with a guy I played chess with who was brilliant.

Men Are Visual …But        

by Cheryl Lakes

Studies show that though men are far more “looks” conscious than women, they are usually captivated by women who are enthusiastic, versatile, confident, sincere, mysterious, and unpredictable.  While women, on the other hand, admire men who are confident and smooth, but not too practiced.  Therefore, men should be reminded to let their approach be natural, witty, and uninhibited.  Though social stumbling doesn’t usually go over well, being too glib doesn’t either. Women tend to gravitate more easily to a guy who appears as though he seldom “hits” on women.  It makes her feel very special and makes him appear selective.

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