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Popping The Question

Some Guys Went All Out

by Cheryl Lakes

In spite of all the forlorn statistics on finding a serious mate in today’s world, marriage continues to thrive among today’s singles. Many men are far more creative when popping the question than we would imagine. More guys are seeking ways to enhance this special event and are going all out to succeed in making it memorable.

YVONNE: “On my birthday, my boyfriend was out of town and he had a box of candy delivered to me at work. When I opened the box to share the candy with my co-workers, there was no candy, but another smaller box, which was wrapped in very expensive paper. As I unwrapped it I thought of many things it could be, but never, could I have guessed what I found.  Inside the box was a pair of beautiful diamond earrings with a note that read, ‘As you know, a diamond means forever and this is only the first in a line to come. Next will be the ring if you say yes. I’ll call you tonight. Bob’   Of course, my answer was yes, and I received a diamond engagement ring the following week.”

JEANINE: “My boyfriend proposed to me as he was delivering a speech to his college graduating class. I was sitting in the audience and I remember how proud I felt that he was president of his class and that he belonged to me. I was daydreaming about when and if he proposed and what it would be like. We had been involved for over two years. As I tuned back into the ending of his speech, I heard him say…’ today is the beginning of a new life for me, because I have earned my degree and the right to ask the woman I love, for her hand in marriage.’ I became so excited I stood up in the audience and screamed out…Yes!!!  The crowd roared as I ran to join him onstage.”

BARBARA: “I was at home recuperating after foot surgery last summer and I spent a great deal of the day reclining on my balcony. This particular day, as I lay in my usual position, I heard a plane buzz near and looked up to see a blimp skywriting a message that read, “Jim loves Barbara and wants to marry her.” The phone rang, as I realized that the message in the sky was meant for me. My boyfriend was on the phone asking did I see it and wanted my answer. Of course, I said yes!  Needless to say, I recuperated faster than expected as I hurried to make plans for my big day.”

JULIA: “My boyfriend and I were riding a Ferris wheel at an amusement park when we stopped on the top as it starting letting people off. Suddenly from nowhere, he pulled out a miniature Champagne bottle and two small plastic glasses and slipped a ring onto my finger.  Looking straight into my eyes, he said, “I’ll always be on top of the world, as long as I have you. Will you be my wife?” I was so shocked, I almost fell off the Ferris wheel and I’d thought he’d never ask.”

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