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Points Of View
On Revealing
  • Lila – “I’ve learned that usually when a man asks a woman if she loves him, he is actively searching for an adequate reason to state his true feelings. When some men begin feeling a sliver of emotion, they can feel very vulnerable.  Despite opinion to the contrary, men can be just as silly and emotional about love as women can.  It is not always apparent because they’re so afraid of revealing feelings that make them feel stupid and easy to take advantage of.  But a smart woman can tell when a man loves her, and when he doesn’t.  It does not have to be stated.  It remains in his eyes until it dies.”
  • Barb – “I’ve discovered that a sound relationship is one where two people have enough things in common to be compatible and enough differences to keep it interesting. There is only one reason why a relationship ends.    That’s why in many relationships, where sex takes the place of conversation, it doesn’t last long.”
  • Kenya – “When a woman frequently sees a man she likes and there is no evidence of his interest in her, she should not despair. All she has to do to gauge the potential for romance is ask him to do something noble and place herself attractively in his vision.  Men see, but they don’t see.  Sometimes they have to be bumped on the head to see you.  The approach must relate to the situation or environment.  Such as, at a party…ask if he could walk you to your car because you don’t want to walk alone in the dark…At work…ask him to carry something heavy or ask to borrow something he may have and return it with an ice cream cone to say thank you.  But the woman’s attitude is important, because the question or request must feel legitimate and comfortable to her, in order for her to be relaxed and ready for either outcome.  She must feel she has nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
  • Shayla – “A woman would be surprised at the guys who may be admiring her from a distance and are too shy to make an approach. There are men who assume without trying, that a woman is unavailable or out of their league.  So often, a woman has to take the initiative to start the ball to rolling.  She just has to use her imagination.  I learned this last year with a co-worker, who had been admiring me for awhile and was just too shy to express it.”

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