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Scarred By

A Blind Date

Gone Bad? 

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December 24, 2018

George thought blind dates were for people who couldn’t attract others on their own.  As a kid growing up, he’d had an aunt who was rather plain, whom everyone in his family was always trying to fix up with a blind date.  Therefore, when his friend Tom suggested a blind date with his date’s cousin, he was not interested.  “Man, you’ve been trying to meet someone nice for a long time and all you’ve been meeting are bimbos.  Why don’t you try being formally introduced for a change, instead of taking a chance on the hit and miss action of the streets.”

George winced in silence.  He had been looking for someone nice for a long time, but he wasn’t lonely or desperate enough to get stuck with a blind date.  He’d been on one blind date while in the Army and the experience had left him injured and scarred for life.

He was twenty-two and on leave from Ft. Benning, Georgia.  He was also lonely, which is why he was willing to go anywhere and do anything to meet some girls.  When his buddy suggested a blind date with him and his girlfriend, he agreed without question.

However, the girl turned out to be extremely overweight and obsessed with eating.  She was so unattractive, that he spent the whole evening flinching every time he looked at her.    He just sat there feeling trapped, as she ordered hamburger after hamburger in the restaurant.  When they got up to leave, she stomped on his foot as hard as she could and accused him of ignoring her all night.  He couldn’t put on a shoe for two days.  That memory alone was enough to discourage him from ever going on another blind date.

Yet, when Tom called the next night and asked him again, he decided to go. He was tired of picking and choosing at the usual hot spots and he didn’t work with anyone who could possibly appeal to him.

They were set up to meet at Tom’s house and George was so nervous when he got to the door he was shaking.  He had come prepared with a good excuse to leave if his date wasn’t suitable.  But when the door opened, he was greeted by a beautiful woman and he relaxed.

However, it turned out that she was not his date.  She was there to meet another of Tom’s friends.  (He decided to make it a triple-header.)  But George’s date turned out to be even prettier and nicer.  She had a sparkling personality and by the end of the evening, they were making plans for another time.  They began dating and were married four months later.  Ironically, after much cajoling and badgering, George convinced another friend who was just as lonely as he’d been, to go on a blind date with one of his wife’s friends.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have the same luck George did. His date didn’t show up for the date.

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