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Lessons Learned:


Sharon – “Reluctantly, after my date for a concert stood me up and I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I went to an outdoor concert alone and met so many guys it blew my mind.  I’ll never stay home again because I have no one to accompany me.”

Secrets Unkept:

Marla – “I’m through confiding in anyone ever.  For years, I held a secret I had never told anyone.  When I told my best friend that her sister’s husband tried to seduce me, she told her sister, who later tried to run over me with her car.  I learned that the best-kept secrets are the ones you don’t tell at all.”

No More Excuses:

April – “ I will never let another man tell me, he’s too busy to see me as often as he’d like to.  I have learned what that translates to.  ‘I like you okay, but I’m not fascinated.’ The key to keeping his attention at a high level is to be interesting and not so available.  If I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that if a guy likes you, he will show up and show it.”

No More Girl Talk

Amanda – “If my girlfriends aren’t seeing somebody, I don’t discuss what’s going on in my relationships.  This is because they either end up giving bad advice, sighing in boredom, or changing the subject.  Now I understand why when a woman marries, she surrounds herself with married friends.  She wants someone who can relate to where she’s at, while decreasing the risk for envy.”

No More Drama:

Darlene – “On the second date with this fine brother, he told me he was engaged to another woman, but he was conflicted about his feelings.  I got up and left him sitting in the restaurant.  I wasn’t about to waste another moment being enticed to “star” in another drama with another confused brother.  He expected me to feel flattered, but I was insulted.”

Ratings Change:

Toni– “I was out to dinner one night with a five-star brother, who snapped all heads to attention when he walked into a room.  He was not only fine, but he had a magnetic personality to boot.   Unfortunately, during the course of the evening, he snapped his fingers to get the attention of the waiter and then refused to tip the waiter.  After that incident, I refused to go out with him again.   When I told him I thought he was rude and ill-mannered, he called me “low-end b****” and hung up.  I have since changed my rating system.  A man now has to be fine, fit, smart, and possessive of good manners in order to qualify for the five-star rating.”

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