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Shock Stories

When “Friends” Go After Your Man

December 8, 2017

Chloe:  “I’m currently going through a divorce and I just found out that my best friend is now dating my soon to be ex.  I caught them in bed together at a friend’s home, and I have never felt so betrayed.  When I confronted her about it, she was arrogant and unapologetic.  She informed me that she had been sleeping with my husband throughout our five years of marriage under my ‘ignorant nose.’  I threw a bottle at her and it hit him in the head instead.  They both filed charges against me for assault.”

Jamie: “I am currently in a situation where one of my sisters, a bridesmaid in my wedding, has begun dating my ex-husband.  We had a run-in recently at a family gathering, when they showed up holding hands.  Though I’m remarried, I got very angry because I thought it was so disrespectful.  We got into a physical altercation and the police had to be called.  Later that night, she slashed all the tires on my car.”

Angie:  “When I ended a two year relationship with a guy because of his penchant for infidelity, I was shocked when one of my closest friends came and asked if I would object to her dating him.  She explained that he had tried to date her while we were together, but out of respect for me, she refused.  I didn’t even bother to give her an answer.  I just escorted her to the door, opened it and beckoned for her to leave.  When she walked out the door, she turned to apologize, and I got great satisfaction from slamming the door in her traitor face.   Two weeks later, they flew to Vegas and got married, which meant they were already together.”

Megan: “A year after my husband and I divorced, he invited me out to dinner to talk to me about something, and I assumed it was about us.  I was going through “divorce-regret.”  The invitation came at a time, when I was feeling very lonely and missing him.  I still loved my husband, and was hoping that maybe what we once had could be rekindled over dinner.  However, he had something else in mind.  He wanted to tell me himself, that he had been secretly seeing my best friend and they were getting married the following week.  I threw a whole plate of spaghetti in the lap of his Armani suit and when I got up to leave, she walked up out of nowhere and confronted me about my attitude, which she deemed ‘childish.’  I slammed her against the restaurant door and walked out.”

Anne:  “At this moment, I am in search of some new female friends because I have been so hurt by the past acts of the women in my life.  I caught one friend three years ago in my bed with my husband, after I came back early from being out of town.  Then two months ago, my boyfriend dumped me and moved in with my best friend, who did apologize for the betrayal with a declaration of “I can’t help myself, I just love him.”  Last month, my current boyfriend called to end our relationship and told me that he had a serious crush on my cousin that he could no longer deny, and that she had consented to go out with him, if he broke up with me.”

Danielle: Four years ago, I married a man who was very kind to me until he moved into my home.  However, the honeymoon was over the day after the wedding, when he came home and demanded the keys to my car, (I drive a Hummer) and threw me the keys to his Chevy.  He informed me that we were trading cars because he was now the boss, and he should be driving the best car.  When I protested, he slapped me hard and snatched the keys.  It took me two months to get him out of my house, and even longer to get a divorce.  But as I look back, I realized that I used poor judgment in allowing myself to be chosen by a man I’d only known one month.  He is now dating one of my former friends.”

What about you?  Has this ever happened to you?  Tell us about it.

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