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Single Sketches

Episodes VIII

  • Tamla:  “My husband suddenly left me after two months of marriage, and I had no idea where he was.  On the day, I filed for annulment, I received some wedding photos of him through the mail anonymously, and the envelope was postmarked Texas.”
  • Meryl:  “When I visit a date’s home for the first time, I check for her ‘clean factor,’ and the bathroom is the perfect place to tell how neat she is.”
  • Hank:  “I hate to take a woman out to a restaurant who does not ask my permission to order expensive items on the menu.”
  • Cara:  “The first time I went out with him, he sent me roses and candy, which arrived before he did.  When he proposed to me, he had the pilot (we were on a flight to Vegas for a fun weekend) announce that he was about to propose and the stewardess brought me the ring.  Everyone on the plane stood and clapped.”
  • Randy:  “I knew I wanted to marry her when she sent a limo to the hospital to pick me up after I broke my leg in a skiing accident, and she couldn’t get there.”
  • Chelsea:  “I married him, but not before I told him that I didn’t love him, and that I was still in love with someone else.  He said he didn’t care.”
  • Val:  “I’ve never had a guy ask me to be his girl, and I’ve had too many encounters, where I drifted into bed with a man, whose feelings for me were never expressed.”
  • Kathy: “I say never give up. A woman who takes care of her body can be beautiful at any age, if she feels it.  My grandmother is 72 and married for the first time a few weeks ago to a guy 14 years her junior.  They honeymooned in Hawaii, which is a place she’s always wanted to go.”
  • Angel:  “On my birthday, my boss who I had a crush on, brought a beautifully wrapped package and left it on my desk.  As I was opening it, I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone and complaining about not having a date for the evening.  To my surprise, when I opened the package, there was a huge bottle of my favorite perfume, and a note asking me to go out to dinner, if I didn’t have plans.”
  • Anthony:  “When I first decided to marry, I was dating two women at the same time and it was difficult to make up my mind.  I thought I loved them both.  Both were pretty, smart and career-minded, but only one of them attended church.  I ended up marrying the one who attended church because I knew we would need someone else in the marriage besides us to make it work.”

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