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Single Sketches

Journal Entries

Lisa:  “Most women are sharing their men whether the guy is open about it or not.  I have been in a triangle relationship for two years, and I know the other woman well.  We respect each other and have accepted each other’s presence.  He spends Christmas Eve with me, and Christmas Day with her, and jealousy takes a holiday.  Marriage is not on our agenda, but having male companionship from time to time is.  I think it’s a sign of the times.  I don’t think we’re the only women who co-exist in this situation.”

Keira:  “The single guys I’ve met lately are more upfront about their relationship with another woman.  I was recently out on a date with a guy I’d known about a month, when he informed me that he really liked me, but he was currently in a “solid” relationship with another woman.  When I told him I’d take a pass, he chastised me for my outdated thinking, while claiming that “man-sharing” was better than dating no one. 

Ciara:  “I date for fun and amusement only.  Therefore, when I go out with a guy I don’t care how many other women he’s seeing.  I’m not interested in marriage or a “committed” relationship because I don’t believe these guys out here can be faithful.”

Gigi:   “I was introduced to a cute guy several months ago at a club who followed me around all night telling me how beautiful I was and insisting on getting my phone number.  He claimed he couldn’t wait to take me out in his boat.  After we danced a couple times, I gave him my number, but he never called.  I threw him out of my mind until I bumped into him last week at a party, and he acted as if he had never met me before and basically ignored me. When I mentioned his actions to a mutual friend, he confessed to me that the guy told another friend that my hair didn’t smell fresh.”                                                                                        

Helena: “I decided to be candid recently with my live-in boyfriend and express my problem with him not showering every day.  He became angry and countered by stating he had a problem with the sheets being changed every week.  We ended up in a fight and he moved out.”

Stephanie:  “I went out on a blind date with a guy who I liked instantly, and for most of the evening, it appeared the feelings were mutual.  Then suddenly, he stopped talking and abruptly cut the evening short.  He drove me home so fast my head was spinning when I got out the car.  He barely said goodnight, and sped off before I stepped on the curb.  When I complained to the friend who introduced us the next day, I found out he had seen makeup residue on the collar of my blouse and under my nails and was turned off, which I thought was so unfair!                                                                        

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