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Single Scenarios

Observations, Etc.,

Carla: “An ego-driven friend got conned by a “doctor” who swept her off her feet after two weeks of dating.  Supposedly, he had relocated his “practice” from the West Coast.  She became suspicious because he kept claiming that his money hadn’t been transferred to his bank, and she was footing all the expenses.  When I suggested she consider doing a background check, she resisted strongly because she saw it as an attack on her judgment.  However, when he disappeared in her brand new BMW, she hired a private investigator and discovered he had given her a false name and was wanted in two states for bigamy.”

Briana:  “When a longtime boyfriend broke up with me and stated he preferred that we remain, friends, I bristled in anger.  I was insulted by his words because it seemed he was reducing what we had to nothing.  But, after I got over the disappointment and the feeling of rejection, I embraced the idea as I began to heal.  Now I’m glad I did because he did turn out to be a much better friend than a lover.”

Rod:  “I think the worst words a woman can use to shatter a man’s ego are…”but I hope we can be friends.”  This usually comes either before a man has fulfilled his desire to be with the woman or after she has ended his role in her life.  When it happened to me, I was in the middle of proposing marriage to a woman and she expressed she would rather that we became friends only.  I will never forget it because it made me an angry man for a long time.”

Lisa:  “My ex-boyfriend was the world’s biggest liar.  While we were dating, I encountered him in a very public setting with a woman on his arm, and he ignored me completely when I confronted him and threatened to call security.  I walked away in stunned disbelief because I thought I was in a committed relationship.  Later that night, he called me at 2 am to explain his behavior.  He said it was due to the fact that he was being blackmailed by the woman he was with for a mistake he had made in his youth.  He claimed that the only thing she wanted in return for her secrecy was for them to become a couple, and he had to play along until he figured out what to do.  I hung up on that note and changed my number.”

PK: “It was my first date with a guy. After dinner at a lovely restaurant, he brought me home and asked could he come in and use my bathroom.  He claimed he felt ill and dizzy. He asked to lie on the couch until he felt better.  Soon, he was asleep. I went to bed and thought about locking my bedroom door, but decided against it.  I didn’t want him to feel offended by the click of the lock.. At 3 am, I was awakened by his presence in my bed. When I protested, he slapped me and told me to shut up. When I reached for the small handgun under my pillow and stuck it in his face, he ran out of the house in his underwear, leaving his clothes behind.”

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