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Single Scenarios
Drama Dating

Regina: “A few years ago, my boyfriend of six years suddenly asked for his engagement ring back. We were on a ferry, and he told me that he had changed his mind because he was torn between me and a woman he had just met.  I took his ring off and dropped it in the river, to his dismay.  Three months later, (after not hearing from him since that day) he showed up at my door begging for forgiveness with a brand new ring.  I slammed the door in his face, and told him to give the new ring to the new woman.”  

Beth: “I met a guy at a skating party, who really seemed nice and sincere.  We skated together most of the evening and when he asked for my number, I cast aside my usual reserve and gave it to him.  Two days later, he invited me to the movies and I accepted.  However, when he showed up, he had a friend in the car, who he claimed was in from out of town, and he had invited him to go along with us, that is if I didn’t mind.  But my gut instinct told me to take a pass, and I backed off despite his insistence.  After that, I ignored his calls because he didn’t feel right.  Three weeks later, I was watching the local news and the mug shots of he and his friend flashed on the screen as suspects in a date rape case.” 

Lisa: “My sister changed her mind twice at the altar with the same guy, and he kept coming until she finally walked the aisle on the third try and became his wife.  However, as my mother predicted, the marriage didn’t last a year because she wasn’t really convinced that she loved him.  She hoped it would work, because he loved her so, but it didn’t.

Brian: “After dating a woman for nine months, I decided to let her move in with the prospect of marriage in mind.  However, after two months I knew I could never marry her because she turned out to be too intrusive on my privacy.  She didn’t believe in respecting one’s boundaries even though you live with them. Every time the phone rang, she had to know who it was, etc.  Therefore, after I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked her to move out.  When she refused, I changed the locks on the door, and put her stuff in storage.”



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