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Single Scenarios
Entertaining At Home
How E-Quipped Are You?
The Poll

by Lisa Cregier

Studies show that singles don’t do as much home entertaining as is commonly thought or have the necessary essentials to be considered a fine host.  A poll of 100 men and women revealed some interesting facts:


33% had entertained at home in the last 6 months•44% owned matching crystal stemware
57% did not own any fine china•53% had mostly mismatched wine glasses•26% owned a linen or dinner tablecloth•77% owned formal candle holders, made either of glass, crystal, silver or brass•85% owned scented candles•34% had decorative coasters•19% owned flower vases.•63% had an ice bucket w/tongs•58% had a corkscrew on hand•39% kept a bottle of wine on hand at all times•14% owned at least one cookbook•11% owned a decorative apron.


11% owned some fine china pieces, mostly heirlooms•72% had more than one set of matching wine glasses•4% owned a dinner table cloth•21% had formal candle holders•82% had incense sticks and scented candles•4% owned a glass flower vase•94% had an ice bucket w/tongs•87% had a corkscrew•73% kept a bottle of wine or champagne on hand at all times•17% owned at least one cookbook•21% had decorative coasters•76% entertained at home in the last 6 months.

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