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Dating Data
Front Line Fiascos
  • Libby: “Talk about holding a grudge.  I was out with a guy one night I’d only been dating a couple of weeks when we ran into an ex-girlfriend of mine, who had been angry with me for years over a petty grudge.  In an effort to be congenial, I spoke and introduced her to my date.  She smiled at me sarcastically, didn’t speak, and took out a business card.  She wrote something on the back and gave the card to my date.  He passed it to me as she walked away.  The card read, “when you’re no longer feeling desperate to be with just any scank, call me.”


  • Andy: “One night I was sitting on a bar in a club when the bartender passed me a note from a woman sitting across the bar from me. The note asked me to join her for a drink, but when I got up and walked over to her on crutches, she pretended that the bartender had made a mistake after she saw that I only had one leg.”


  • Emilie: “My boyfriend dumped me after he brought me home from what I thought was a lovely evening at an amusement park.  After we slept together, he got up to leave and gave me a sudden line about no longer having time for a serious relationship.  But when he left, his car wouldn’t start, and after struggling with it for over an hour, he had the nerve to come back to ask to use my phone, because his cell phone was dead.  But I didn’t open the door.  He ended up sleeping in his car until daybreak.  He called it cruel.    I called it poetic justice.”


  • Ava: “I found out my boyfriend was married when I spotted him leaving a theater with this very attractive woman.  When I confronted him, he pretended not to know me and told me to stop upsetting his wife with my obvious case of mistaken identity.  He also threatened to call the police if I didn’t move on.   I spit in his face and walked away.”


  • Colin: “I bought this woman a beautiful pair of expensive gold earrings for her birthday and she threw them back in my face and called me cheap because she had given me a Rolex watch for my birthday. Whatever happened to the thought behind the gift.  Do the gifts exchanged by lovers have to be comparable in value?”


  • Barb: “I recently went on a first date with a guy who got to the theater window and declared he had left his wallet at home. I didn’t believe him, so I told him I didn’t have any money on me. We rode back to my house in total silence. When I got home, I got out and slammed his car door.  I never heard from him again and I was glad.”




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