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Single Sketches

Random Situations

What Would You Do?

100 People Surveyed

  1. If your blind date turned out to be totally boring and unappealing, would you…
    A.        Come up with an excuse and cut the evening short.     32%
    B.        Struggle through the evening to completion.    50%
    C.        Fake some degree of interest and never call again.   17%
  2. If you learned that you accidentally had two dates in one night, would you…
    A.        Try to see both.    39%
    B.        Cancel the least favorite.    57%
    C.        Come up with an excuse and cancel both.    5%
  3. If you were out with your honey and their ex-lover approached and aggressively interrupts demanding to talk to them, would you…
    A.        Excuse yourself.    8%
    B.        Confront the interruption.    13%
    C.        Follow your companion’s lead.    79%
  4. If you met someone interesting who was with someone else and you wanted to see them again…would you
    A.        Take a pass. 15%
    B.        Slip them your card.   31%
    C.        Ask for their card. 31%
    D.        Flirt. 24%
  5. If your ex-lover stalked you, would you…
    A.        Contact the police.    60%
    B.        Confront them.    16%
    C.        Arm yourself.    20%
    D.        Hide.    5%

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