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Single Snaps:
Groom Picks
  • Alisa was a successful architect who was dating a computer analyst with a violent temper.  She was totally intimidated by him, yet she continued on in the relationship against the advice of family and friends.  She claimed she loved him and she knew he loved her.  When he slapped her one night in front of all her friends and family at her birthday party, because she was talking to another man, she refused to press charges.  Three months later, she married him and eight months later, he killed her brother before her eyes.  Her brother had been visiting from out of town and stood up to protect his sister when the husband suddenly attacked her with a knife.  He stabbed the brother twelve times with a knife from the kitchen sink.
  • Maggie, a criminal attorney, began dating her client while representing him, and after he was sentenced to prison for murder, she married him in prison.  He was sentenced for killing his ex-girlfriend with a knife.  Three months later, he stabbed her in a fit of anger.  She survived, but the marriage didn’t.
  • Colleen, an accomplished surgeon, met a man who was just starting up his business when they met.  He was very charming and she was very impressed.  He claimed he didn’t have any money because he had sunk everything into his new business venture.  But with Colleen, he didn’t have to have money, because she felt his company “was worth whatever it costs.”  They took long trips at her expense and she bought him many expensive gifts.  A year later, they were married in Mexico.  However, when they arrived back home, he told her he’d changed his mind about marriage and refused to move in with her.  The marriage was eventually annulled and Colleen later admitted the marriage was never consummated.
  • Sara, a schoolteacher, married a man she knew had a drug problem.  But she thought that with her loving support and a stable home environment she could help him overcome his problem. A year after they were married, he depleted their bank account and sold her car to a drug dealer for drugs.  Finally, she divorced him after he threatened her physically.

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