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Single Scenarios
  • Jon: “I don’t care how fine a woman is, I can’t stand to be in the company of one who complains. This ranges from her job to the food in the restaurant, to the hike in her rent.”


  • Mike: “On our first date, she told me she was looking for a husband, and if I wasn’t interested in pursuing the possibilities between us, it was best for me not to call her again. I was fascinated by her directness, and I never stopped calling. We got married nine months later.”


  • Will: “I once went to pick up a date and her ex-husband opened the door and cordially invited me in. But my instincts told me not to enter that house.  I pretended I had suddenly forgotten something in my car, and drove away.  Later, I heard he’d shown up unexpectedly and pistol-whipped her into unconsciousness.  She survived, and I have never gone against my gut since.”


  • Rick: “The last woman I took out was so boring that I pretended to be sick immediately after dinner. I couldn’t even fake it long enough for dessert.  She was pretty, but her level of conversation made me itch.”


  • Tony: “A very wealthy woman sent me a Rolex watch once as a thank you gift after I escorted her to a black-tie affair. It was meant to obligate me for further encounters, but against the advice of my brothers I accepted the watch and have regretted it ever since..”


  • Eva: “If I’m out with a guy who quibbles over the price of valet parking, menu costs, and theater tickets, I make that the last date.”


  • Isabella: “I was out with a guy on a second date, who casually mentioned that he had an ex-girlfriend, who was a “fatal attraction” type, and we had gone to a party. When we were leaving the party, something told me to go to the bathroom first.  My date said he would wait outside.  When I got ready to step out the door later, I saw a woman walk up and shoot him in the head in the middle of a crowd.  Unfortunately, he didn’t survive.”


  • Mila: “When I’m dating, my motto is, I don’t bring a guy around my children unless I’m wearing his engagement ring. I don’t want my kids to become too familiar with someone who may not be around long.”


  • Avery: “I’d been dating this guy steadily for two weeks when he told me that he was going to New York on business for a week, and he invited me to come up and spend the day with him.  He flew me there, took me to a great restaurant, and took me shopping afterward and bought me a new dress. We lasted a year”


  • Riley: “I have a habit of smiling at passing strangers, and one day I was walking down the street with my boyfriend, and I smiled at a tall guy who was walking past us. Before I knew what hit me, my boyfriend smacked me across my head so hard that I fell to the ground.  But when I got up, I kicked that fool hard in his groin and left him in tears on the street.  Needless to say, we are no more.”




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