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Single Sketches

Talia: Is Dating Etiquette Dead? – “I know quite a few guys who are very attractive but are socially challenged when it comes to talking to women. However, there is still much to be said on date techniques for men, as it relates to manners and conduct befitting a gentleman.  I’ve gone out with three guys in the last six months, and not one opened a door for me.  Two talked endlessly on their cell phones during the ride to and fro and only one of them waited until I got inside my door after a date before driving off.”  

Kahlia: Is Silence Golden? – “I’ve witnessed situations where guys didn’t open their mouths or even appear interested and still got the girl.  This is because ultimately the woman does the choosing, not the man especially if the chemistry works.  I used to play tennis with a guy who was very striking in appearance but was deaf-mute.  He could not talk or hear and the women were all over him.  Some even took sign classes to better communicate with him.  He had so many notes from admirers in his locker, that he could barely close it. 


Marissa: The Art Of Flirting – “I was standing in line at the supermarket and this guy was standing in another line.  Each time I looked up, he would wink at me, but I didn’t find him appealing, so I pretended not to see him.  When I got outside the store, he walked up and asked for my autograph, which made me laugh.  When I told him I was no one famous, he smiled and apologized for thinking I was Janet Jackson. 

When I drove off in my car he pulled up next to me in a Jaguar and asked if I wanted his autograph.  I laughed again and mouthed a no thank you.  At the stoplight a block later, he rolled down his window and asked if I would consider going with him to a concert that night to get Usher’s autograph. Suddenly, I found him appealing.  His personality won me over.  I agreed to go because I was impressed by his originality and style.  We’ve been inseparable ever since.”



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