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by Sarah Smart

Q.  Several months ago, my fiancé called me on the eve of our wedding and called off the wedding.  He said it was because he wasn’t ready to be married, but I later found out that an ex-girlfriend had shown up at his bachelor party and he had a sudden change of heart.  Last week, I heard he is planning to marry this same woman, and I have a serious need to get even with him.  I am thinking about showing up at the wedding and shooting him with a water gun as he leaves the church.  He hates any form of confrontation and as I think about the pleasure I would receive from watching him freak out, it helps to heal the gaping wound he left in my life.  My friends think that the only thing my prank will do is make me look stupid.  What do you say?

A.  I agree.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be happy that you didn’t get stuck with a jerk.  If you want to feel something, feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend, who is most likely on her way to being his ex-wife.

Q.  I took this woman out a few weeks ago on a blind date and found her not to be my type.  Before the evening ended, she informed me she liked me and she hoped the feeling was mutual.  I smiled, but kept silent.  I wasn’t about to create any false hope.  The evening ended on an ambiguous note with me being evasive.  However, she began calling the next day and continued to call for several weeks.  When I didn’t return her calls, she sent me an email asking me to tell her specifically what it was about her that I didn’t like.  Her note had a very serious tone and she expressed a sincere desire to know why I wasn’t interested.  One thing I would like to tell her about is the poor condition of her teeth, which I found very distracting and the roughness of her hands.  What do you think?

A.  I think you should take a pass on this one, and just tell her that the chemistry wasn’t there.  You could be asking for trouble.   You really don’t know her well enough to know how she would react to such truth.  Let someone else tell her who may have been interested in sticking around. 

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