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by Sarah Smart

Q.    One night while spending the night at my best friend’s house, I ran across her journal while she was in the shower.  I picked it up and it immediately fell open to a page where she had written about her romantic feelings for my boyfriend.  It appeared to be one-sided, but I’m furious.  I feel deceived and betrayed because I confide everything about our relationship with her, but I don’t know what to do about it.  I haven’t really talked to her much since because I want to confront her, but I don’t want her to know I read her journal.  What would you do?

A.   Leave it be.  You’re right…you shouldn’t have stuck your nose where it didn’t belong.  It’s best to keep it to yourself…for now and just observe. Meanwhile, you should find someone else to confide in.  Maybe, she’s just a secret admirer with no intention of exploring her feelings. 

Q.   It turns out that I accidentally discovered that my girlfriend and I bought the same dress to wear to a party next month.  Unfortunately, she would die and shrivel up if we walked into the party with the same dress on.  She doesn’t know, but I don’t want to upset her.  My sister says I should wear another dress.  What do you say?

A.   I say…do what you feel better doing.  Either wear your dress and enjoy the evening or save the dress for another time.  Sometimes, we have to weigh our feelings over someone else’s or forego them for peace’s sake.  I think this is one of those times.  Remember you bought the dress because you liked it.  Me:  Since she doesn’t know, I would wear it.

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