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by Sarah Smart

Q. I accidentally overheard my best friend telling another one of her girlfriends about how dumb I was in relationships, and how I gave my boyfriend a birthday gift after he hadn’t given me one.  I had confided in her, and I was very hurt by her betrayal.  The problem is that I’m scheduled to be a bridesmaid for her in December, and I’m no longer interested in her friendship or being in her wedding.  But I feel guilty about leaving her high and dry.  What would you do?

A. I hardly see her having one less bridesmaid as leaving her high and dry. I agree with your decision.  Why should you feel guilty about disappointing someone who betrayed your friendship?  Tell her and be free.

Q. I loaned my best friend three hundred dollars, which she agreed to pay back in two weeks.  Two weeks passed, and when she didn’t mention it, I did.  She confessed that she didn’t have it, because she had borrowed it for her boyfriend, and he had promised to pay her back in two weeks, and had not.  I am furious because I feel deceived.  I want to ask her boyfriend for my money, but I don’t want to embarrass her.  What would you do?

A. I would hold her accountable and her only.  You loaned the money to her…not her boyfriend.  What she did with the money is irrelevant.  It is her responsibility to pay you back.  I just hope she’s off your loan list.

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