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by Sarah Smart

Q. I saw my best friend’s boyfriend out with another woman, and he was the epitome of a gentleman with her.  He treats my friend like dirt, and she accepts it as “he just has a problem trusting women, because of his divorce.”  I’m tempted to tell her what I saw.  What do you say?

A. I say, no.  Girlfriend ain’t hardly ready to give him up, and she’ll be mad at you for seeing him and telling her.  MYOB, and live happily ever after.  Be like one of the monkeys…Speak No Evil. Also, the sighting may have been innocent.

Q. I was snooping around my boyfriend’s house one day when he went to get his car washed, and I found a photo of him and another woman embracing.  I want to show it to him and ask for an explanation.  What would you do?

A. Ignore it and stop snooping.  How do you think he’ll feel about you violating his trust?  However, I would keep my eyes open to see if there’s reason to be suspicious.

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