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by Sarah Smart

Q.   My best friend stopped speaking to me and has ended our relationship because I asked her boyfriend to escort me to my car when we were all leaving a party.   She says I was inappropriate and I disrespected her because I should have asked her to accompany me as well.  I apologized, but she won’t accept it.  She accused me of hitting on her guy on the sly.  Should I give up on the friendship?  What would you do?

A.   If someone wouldn’t accept my apology, I would put the incident behind me,  and never ask someone’s boyfriend to escort me without asking the woman for permission.

Q.    I was out the other night at a restaurant with a new date and ran into a couple of my girlfriends, one of whom is beautiful.  My date was so impressed with her that he asked for her card to introduce her to a friend.  However, he winked at her during the exchange and he seemed to spend a great deal of the evening staring at her across the room.  I don’t want to come across like I’m paranoid, so I’m afraid to say anything to him.  However, my sister thinks I should confront him.  My suspicions tell me he got the card for his own personal use, and I have never trusted her.  I haven’t heard from her since and he is suddenly unavailable.  What do you think I should do?

A.  Nothing.  Let it play out, while you concentrate on something else.  If your suspicions are true, there’s nothing you can do about it except move on.

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